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First Transit in Conshohocken, PA. Gave me trouble all day 4-26-14.

I live in the King of Prussia area and have used their services since it was turned over by Krapfs in 2012. I called in at 10 am for a 10 O'Clock run to Wegmans. I wanted to pick up some medicine because I had been very sick. Sherman answers the phone and says he'll call it in.

At 10:30 am....I'm still standing outside and in this case its pretty late for the Rambler so I called back. Sherman was so rude. He told me to be patient and wait. He yelled.

Wouldn't even allow me to ask where if close, the shuttle was. I waited until 10:40. Nothing. This is when I decided to catch the 11 o'clock Rambler....waited and waited.

11:30 no Rambler. I called back and Sherman says ever since my call in he hasn't been able to contact the driver because his radio wasn't working. I'm glad I called back. I wouldn't have known they were having radio trouble.

I left. Went back home I was in so much pain. I decided then I'll try for the 2 o'clock. I called you n for The Rambler.

I was standing outside for another 1/2 hour. During this time Frederick was now on the phones. He sounded new because his protocol was to ask for my number? never in all of the years I'd been using this service was I EVER asked for my number.

I actually called Frederick back at around 2:15 to make sure he was able to get in touch with the driver and also because he seemed unsure of what he was doing. But at 2:30 when I called back Sherman was on the phones again and was yelling at me to stand there wait and be patient and to stop calling that I was tying up the lines. 2:30 that driver has to be at a certainly n destination so it was just was past the norm. I've seen a bus as late as 2:20?And that's rare.

2:42 I called again and said I'll just wait for the 3 o'clock. But by the time I walked back towards my home I began to feel even worse....I was in excruciating pain. I decided to do a courtesy call and cancel. Sherman answers the phone.

I said I'm in way too much pain and before I could complete a sentence he began yelling saying I don't care about that...are you getting the green(3 o'clock) or not? I was in pain. He tells again. Speak up!

Speak up!

I then said cancel cancel cancel. I hung up.

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First Transit Philadelphia Airport is the worst. They screw drivers pay checks up.

New drivers are underpaid. Shop stewards are crooked. Buses are horrible. They care more for the cats then drivers.

36 month rule. I know people that committed crimes and got less time. This place is slavery. Picking cotton and shop stewards are UNCLE TOMS.

They got Ben and Jerry as shop stewards. The reject dream team.

Miami, Florida, United States #1251251

This company doesnt care for the clients, when i started i was over 1 hour late the ppl where happy to see me and said they were used to being treated that way. Sad because they really needed the service the man was in a wheelchair, i used to work for other transportatuon companies and i never been more than 30 minutes late

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