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Terrible service fairly consistently. Drivers don't care, supervisors don't care.

Complaints accomplice nothing but empty promises. Can't wait to get my car fixed. Everyone says people should stop driving and save the environment by taking busses. Why should they?

There's not much incentive to. Give them better service and maybe they would. I think most people now who ride are people who have no other choice. I live in a desert where temperatures frequently go over 110.

Walking and bike riding in that with health problems is not too easy, unless someone likes getting heat strokes.

This area isn't very bike friendly anyway. Cars are hostile to cyclists and pedestrians here.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Transit Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First Transit Phila Airport... we got Beavis and butthead as shop stewards.

They couldn't save a drowning man in a pool with no water.

They just sit in office and watch people get fired looking all stupid. GM do what he wants.

El Centro, California, United States #1257200

They dont care, just go from A to b with such rudeness as not to be polite enough to pass the time pleasantly.

to Jeffery #1388146

Its First Transit. Just a place to get a one cares about buses......why should workers care about customers.

It is what it is.

Screw them....I do my eight and escape. All that place is a prison.

Houston, Texas, United States #1257194

Had a shaven headed black driver with a goatee who wouldn't even reply to anything I said to him, the. rude SOB!!!

He had no grace of manners whatsoever. I could lodge a complaint with his supervisor, but I'm sure F.T. would be disinclined to take action against him.


needs an overhaul of its management and drivers if it is to present a better public image. The age of the gentleman driver is almost a thing of the past.

I think some drivers are nothing more than hirelings.

Anyone care to corroborate my views on this?

to Anonymous Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States #1257195

I had this dumb looking long haired white dude (might have been a girl) kept talking weird stuff, so i was ascared and didn't say nothin to it.

to Anonymous #1388145

Yes that driver name is Issac Smalls.......he has mental issues. No one likes him.

He's a shop steward that doesn't help anyone. He thinks he's untouchable. He cusses at customers...... He bullies drivers.....and no one doesn't anything about it.

One day someone gonna handle him and then First Transit gonna say oh what happen?

Issac really shouldn't be driving with his attitude and customer complaints he has in his files. He's an really A##Hole.

to Anonymous #1463731

His name is Issac Smalls. He's a union shop steward.

He tells on drivers and get them all fired. He's dark skinned and wear glasses. He is a snitch. He got punch in the face 2 years ago by a customer.

He don't know how to talk to people.

He shouldn't even be a shop steward. He nothing more but an uncle Tom butt kissing snitch.

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